TrackSift - Nine Tools for iTunes

TrackSift brings together nine fun and useful Tools for iTunes in one attractive, simple to install and easy to use app:

  • Delete "dead" tracks, delete empty playlists, and delete unwanted Genre names
  • Find songs without album art, without lyrics, and not in playlists
  • Create "One-Hit Wonder", "Two-Fer", and "Three-Fer" playlists

"...Does what it promises, quickly and well. For such a minuscule price, it's a reasonably big hit." - Rated 4 Mice at Macworld

"If your iTunes library is full of crud, TrackSift can help you sort and organize to get things back in order." - Rated "Great" at MacLife

"The perfect way to finally spring clean your filthy, crusted music yourself a favor and grab it now." - Cult of Mac

Rated ★★★★ in the US Mac App Store!

  • Find all the "One-Hit Wonders" in your library.

  • Remember "Two-Fer Tuesdays"?
    Two songs back-to-back by random Artists.

  • How about a "Three-Fer Thursday" anyday?

  • Round up all the tracks in your library that don't have album artwork.

  • Locate the tracks without lyrics.

  • Find any tracks not already assigned to any playlist.
    For the highly organized.

  • TrackSift's delete "dead" tracks Tool.
    Easily remove unplayable tracks whose files are no longer available.

  • Quickly delete empty playlists.

  • Reduce the number of Genres by consolidating them.
    Unused Genres disappear from the iTunes Genre pop-up.

Click a thumbnail to view a Tool panel full-size:
One-Hit Wonders Two-Fers Playlist Three-Fers Playlist
Find Tracks Without Artwork Find Tracks Without Lyrics Find Tracks Not In Any Playlist
Delete Dead Tracks Delete Empty Playlists Remove Unwanted Genre Names

Nine Tools, One App - Only $1.99!


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