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  1. Make Bookmarkable
    Change file type to make selected AACs bookmarkable
    latest v2.7: 872 downloads | total downloads 190984
  2. Find Album Artwork with Google
    Perform a Google image search for album artwork
    latest v2.6: 27769 downloads | total downloads 136187
  3. Embed Artwork
    Embed Store-downloaded artwork into selected tracks' files
    latest v2.0: 68544 downloads | total downloads 109037
  4. Import iPod Audio Files
    Select iPod tracks in iTunes and add them to iTunes
    latest v3.0: 14902 downloads | total downloads 86363
  5. Remove n Characters From Front or Back
    Delete characters from the beginning or ending of selected tracks' name, artist, album, comments, composer, or show tags
    latest v4.7: 4568 downloads | total downloads 78262
  6. Needle Drop
    Play through each track in a playlist at your set interval
    latest v4.1: 910 downloads | total downloads 63319
  7. Proper English Title Capitalization
    Title Cap various track tags, featuring editable exceptions list
    latest v2.0: 23542 downloads | total downloads 54499
  8. Super Remove Dead Tracks
    Remove iTunes tracks disassociated from files
    latest v4.0: 740 downloads | total downloads 51115
  9. Set Video Kind of Selected
    Change video kind and video related tags of selected video tracks
    latest v4.1: 607 downloads | total downloads 49406
  10. Search-Replace Tag Text
    Perform search-and-replace on text in your choice of tags
    latest v3.6: 259 downloads | total downloads 39908

  11. This Tag That Tag
    Applet assists with swapping, copying, appending data between track tags
    latest v3.4: 1551 downloads | total downloads 38677
  12. Change Hidden iTunes Preferences
    Change the settings of hidden iTunes preferences
    latest v3.1: 4483 downloads | total downloads 35953
  13. Track Splicer
    Join any two (or more) MP3 tracks
    total downloads 35420
  14. Quick Convert
    Convert or import tracks with any encoder on the fly
    latest v3.4: 607 downloads | total downloads 34743
  15. Save Album Art to Album Folder
    Export artwork of selected tracks to parent or specified folder
    latest v4.5: 2495 downloads | total downloads 32281
  16. List MIAs
    Display, create text file listing info of dead tracks
    latest v3.3: 390 downloads | total downloads 31844
  17. Google Lyric Search
    Search for lyric sites with Google using info from the current or selected track
    latest v2.0: 5754 downloads | total downloads 31733
  18. Music Folder Files Not Added
    App displays files in iTunes Media folder which are not in iTunes library
    latest v3.3: 692 downloads | total downloads 28911
  19. Artist - Name Corrector
    Correct song titles listed as "Artist - Song Name"
    latest v2.1: 11771 downloads | total downloads 28815
  20. Track Names to Word Caps
    Capitalize the first letter of each word in selected track names
    latest v3.0: 8301 downloads | total downloads 24199

  21. Re-Add Selected Tracks as Podcast
    Re-add any tracks as Podcast episodes to the Podcasts playlist
    latest v1.2: 15523 downloads | total downloads 23770
  22. Delete Lyrics
    Delete lyrics from the selected tracks
    latest v2.0: 16820 downloads | total downloads 23699
  23. New Play Count
    Set the Plays of selected tracks.
    latest v2.0: 16254 downloads | total downloads 23686
  24. Add or Subtract Play Count
    Add or subtract a user-entered number from each selected track's Plays
    latest v2.0: 15113 downloads | total downloads 23565
  25. Filenames to Song Names
    Rename selected tracks' Song Names with their filenames (minus extension)
    latest v2.0: 8304 downloads | total downloads 23328
  26. Track Down Purchases
    Sort purchased tracks into discrete playlists by name or account ID
    latest v2.3: 2308 downloads | total downloads 21391
  27. Put Track Prefix to Track Number
    Copy number prefix in Song Name of selected tracks to their track number tag
    latest v2.0: 8772 downloads | total downloads 21078
  28. Copy Tag Info Tracks to Tracks
    Copy chosen tag info from one set of tracks to a different set of tracks
    latest v3.4: 961 downloads | total downloads 20892
  29. Artist to Album Artist
    Copy Artist to Album Artist of selected tracks
    latest v2.1: 9708 downloads | total downloads 20359
  30. Albumize Selection
    Renumber order of selected tracks
    latest v2.1: 7518 downloads | total downloads 20270

  31. Track Parser
    Use pattern-matching to disassemble tag-packed song names
    latest v1.3.1: 9047 downloads | total downloads 19917
  32. File Renamer
    Use tag data to formulate new file name for selected tracks' files
    latest v2.4: 1826 downloads | total downloads 19142
  33. Import Selected iPod Tracks
    Import selected AAC or MP3 files from iPod
    latest v1.3: 19043 downloads | total downloads 19043
  34. De-Genre
    Helps manage and remove unwanted Genres
    latest v4.2: 1377 downloads | total downloads 18894
  35. CD Text to CD Info
    Apply selected CD's CD Text to its disc and track tags
    latest v3.0: 1156 downloads | total downloads 18730
  36. Update Expired Podcasts
    Update subscriptions which have expired by virtue of being ignored for five or more days
    latest v2.2: 4000 downloads | total downloads 18137
  37. Make Album Playlists
    Create a playlist of each album in iTunes
    latest v1.0: 17906 downloads | total downloads 17906
  38. PDF Adder
    Assists with tagging and adding PDF files to iTunes
    latest v4.2: 405 downloads | total downloads 17649
  39. Make Video Tags
    Application assists with batch-editing video track tags
    latest v1.2: 12884 downloads | total downloads 17326
  40. List Music Folder Files Not Added
    List files in chosen folder(s) which aren't in iTunes
    latest v2.0: 13421 downloads | total downloads 17255

  41. Doug's Actions for iTunes Volume 1
    Collection of seven Automator Actions for iTunes
    latest v1.0: 17246 downloads | total downloads 17246
  42. Make UN-Bookmarkable
    Make selected tracks NOT bookmarkable
    latest v3.6: 140 downloads | total downloads 17058
  43. Sync Playlist Files to Folder
    Sync files between a designated playlist and folder
    total downloads 16776
  44. Re-Embed Artwork
    Exports and then re-imports selected tracks' artwork
    latest v1.2: 3990 downloads | total downloads 16519
  45. Remove Duplicated Tracks From Playlist
    Removes copied tracks from the selected playlist
    latest v1.0: 16105 downloads | total downloads 16105
  46. Convert and Export
    Convert selected tracks and export the converted files to a new folder
    latest v2.1: 1171 downloads | total downloads 15839
  47. Make A Text List
    Create a text file containing an alphabetical list of chosen tag data
    latest v2.0: 8334 downloads | total downloads 15523
  48. Lossless to AAC Workflow
    Two scripts assist with importing/managing lossless files (AL and AIFF) and sending converted AAC copies to iPod
    latest v2.2: 2653 downloads | total downloads 14482
  49. Whack Current Track
    Deletes the current track from all playlists and moves to Trash
    latest v2.0: 1727 downloads | total downloads 13991
  50. Append to Selected Tag
    Append user-entered text to beginning or ending of selected tag of each selected track
    latest v3.1: 820 downloads | total downloads 13846

  51. Rip To iPod
    Rips CD tracks straight to iPod
    latest v2.1: 2242 downloads | total downloads 13541
  52. Music Folder Files Not Added
    App displays files in iTunes Music folder which are not in iTunes library
    latest v1.1: 8809 downloads | total downloads 13045
  53. Search SlothRadio for Artwork
    Search for album art of selected or playing song
    latest v1.1: 6489 downloads | total downloads 12359
  54. Search Wikipedia
    Search Wikipedia using the Song Name, Album, Artist, or Composer of selected or playing track
    latest v2.2: 5351 downloads | total downloads 12241
  55. Bring Out Yer Dead
    Re-associate a "dead track" with a file found via Spotlight
    latest v1.1: 11883 downloads | total downloads 11932
  56. Drop A Few My Way
    Drag-and-drop to convert audio files with iTunes
    latest v3.0: 1782 downloads | total downloads 11842
  57. File Manager
    Synchronize iTunes Library to a local folder
    latest v1.0: 11657 downloads | total downloads 11657
  58. Export As HTML Table
    Export info to HTML doc
    latest v1.5.1: 10877 downloads | total downloads 11643
  59. Move Playlists to Folder
    Move selected playlists to a new or existing folder
    latest v2.3: 4781 downloads | total downloads 11582
  60. The Big Picture
    Find the large album artwork available at Amazon
    latest v1.0: 11433 downloads | total downloads 11433

  61. Synch iPod-iTunes Data
    Synch tag data between iPod and iTunes tracks
    total downloads 11063
  62. Audiobooker
    Assists with ripping tracks from audiobooks
    total downloads 10856
  63. Remote Management Scripts
    Manage shared tracks over a network
    latest v1.3: 5104 downloads | total downloads 10815
  64. Not In Any Playlist
    List tracks not assigned to playlists
    latest v2.0: 48 downloads | total downloads 10615
  65. Save Album Art as folder.jpg
    Export album artwork as folder.jpg to Album folder
    latest v2.5: 1458 downloads | total downloads 10490
  66. List Folder Files Not Added
    Creates a text file listing audio files in a Music folder not added to iTunes
    latest v1.2: 8315 downloads | total downloads 10409
  67. Assimilate View Options
    Recreate a playlist such that its visible columns mirror the Music library
    latest v3.1: 1879 downloads | total downloads 9687
  68. Play Selected Track Next
    Selected track plays after current track ends
    latest v2.0: 1994 downloads | total downloads 9613
  69. Drop to Make M4V Movies
    Droplet converts movies to H.264 and adds to iTunes
    total downloads 9447
  70. Fix Broken Tracks
    Reunite tag data from missing tracks with re-added versions
    latest v1.0: 9329 downloads | total downloads 9329

  71. Artwork Scripts
    Two scripts to assign existing track artwork to playlists
    total downloads 9319
  72. AMG EZ Search
    Search allmusic website (AMG) with data from selected or playing track
    latest v2.1: 1161 downloads | total downloads 9305
  73. Albums Without Artwork
    Make a text file listing Albums that have some/no tracks with artwork
    total downloads 9184
  74. Show Description
    Display and/or update text in a track's long description tag
    total downloads 9183
  75. Block Party!
    Create a playlist of random Artists and set number of random songs back-to-back
    latest v3.1: 32 downloads | total downloads 9129
  76. Rate Me! Rate Me!
    Applet compels you to rate unrated current track
    latest v4.1: 921 downloads | total downloads 8961
  77. Now Playing in iChat AV
    Display currently playing track/stream info in iChat AV status message
    latest v1.8.1: 7231 downloads | total downloads 8951
  78. Playlist to
    Send Playlist info to, download, print PDF'd CD envelopes
    latest v2.0: 1090 downloads | total downloads 8936
  79. Artist and Track to Filename
    Rename files with track name and artist tag info
    latest v2.7: 8910 downloads | total downloads 8910
  80. Wrangle Same-Named Tracks
    Assist with discovering and eliminating same-named tracks
    total downloads 8711

  81. Art to Desktop
    Continuously update your desktop picture to current track's artwork
    latest v2.2: 224 downloads | total downloads 8699
  82. Restore iPod Album Art
    Add/replace display artwork to selected iPod/iPhone tracks from corresponding iTunes tracks
    latest v2.0: 2794 downloads | total downloads 8540
  83. Mirror iPod Playlists in iTunes
    Mirror iPod playlists in iTunes
    total downloads 8471
  84. Make Ringable
    Create a Ringtone track from a selected track
    latest v1.1: 7906 downloads | total downloads 8070
  85. Playlist to HTML
    Create HTML doc of playlist tracks
    total downloads 8016
  86. Export Selected Song List
    Exports your choice of title, artist, album, time, and size of the selected tracks to the clipboard or a text file
    latest v1.1: 8005 downloads | total downloads 8005
  87. Restore Artwork from Album Folder
    Restore each selected track's artwork from an image file stored in its Album folder
    latest v2.4: 1048 downloads | total downloads 7947
  88. Put This Where I Want It
    Copy files of tracks to selected folder
    latest v1.2: 6928 downloads | total downloads 7772
  89. Export Playlist As Text
    Export track info in playlist to clipboard
    latest v2.0: 1917 downloads | total downloads 7706
  90. Just Play This One
    Play the selected track and stop
    latest v3.0: 3422 downloads | total downloads 7654

  91. Album-Artist to Text File
    Export album-artist pairs to tabbed file
    total downloads 7568
  92. Make PDF Booklet
    Create a PDF booklet containing info from the selected tracks
    latest v2.2: 292 downloads | total downloads 7482
  93. Unmount-Mount iPod
    Unmount/remount iPod without disconnect
    latest v1.0: 7332 downloads | total downloads 7332
  94. Swap Song Name and Artist
    Swap the name with the artist of selected tracks
    total downloads 7306
  95. iTunes Database FMP
    Export iTunes track data to a FileMaker Pro database
    latest v1.8.5: 4174 downloads | total downloads 7271
  96. Delete Selected Files
    From any playlist, remove selected tracks and delete their files
    latest v1.0: 7192 downloads | total downloads 7192
  97. Move From One iPod to Another
    Copy selected tracks from one iPod to another
    total downloads 7137
  98. Get Amazon Pix
    Download Amazon artwork
    latest v1.0: 7099 downloads | total downloads 7099
  99. Merge-Delete Playlists
    Batch merge and/or delete playlists
    latest v3.3: 133 downloads | total downloads 7098
  100. Export Artwork
    Save the display artwork of the selected track to a file
    latest v2.0: 3875 downloads | total downloads 7046

  101. iPod Contents to Playlist
    Adds the iPod's contents to the Library
    total downloads 7026
  102. Export Artwork to iPhoto
    Export the artwork of the selected tracks to iPhoto
    latest v1.3: 4804 downloads | total downloads 6951
  103. Arrange by Artist-Album
    Create playlists by artist
    latest v1.5: 5852 downloads | total downloads 6882
  104. Track's Album to Playlist
    Copy currently playing or selected track's fellow Album tracks to a new Playlist
    latest v2.1: 568 downloads | total downloads 6837
  105. Files to Folder Scripts
    Two scripts to copy and create aliases of selected files
    total downloads 6835
  106. Drop to Add and Make Playlists
    Droplet/applet adds files, creates playlists based on artist-album or folder name
    latest v2.3: 392 downloads | total downloads 6832
  107. Sundry Info To Comments
    Paste non-ID3 Tag track and file related info into Category, Comments, or Description tag
    latest v3.2: 1318 downloads | total downloads 6736
  108. Selected Tracks Bookmarkable
    Make selected tracks bookmarkable in iTunes 5
    latest v1.0: 6656 downloads | total downloads 6656
  109. Dumb Down Genius Mix Playlist
    Export tracks from Genius Mix playlists to regular playlists
    latest v1.2: 6437 downloads | total downloads 6613
  110. Track Names to Sentence Caps
    Change case of selected track names to sentence caps
    total downloads 6558

  111. Remove Artwork
    Delete artwork from tracks
    latest v2.0: 6429 downloads | total downloads 6429
  112. Batch Set Tracks Sorting Tags
    Set selected tracks' sorting tags
    latest v1.0: 6405 downloads | total downloads 6405
  113. Convert Movie for iPod
    Convert .mov track to .m4v track with QuickTime, optionally add to iPod
    total downloads 6181
  114. Number Song Names by Play Order
    Prefix each selected track's Song Name with the number of its order in the selection.
    latest v2.0: 3489 downloads | total downloads 6154
  115. Increment Number Tags
    Set choice of various number tags of selected tracks incrementally
    latest v1.1: 3754 downloads | total downloads 6091
  116. Tags Mirror Artist-Album-Filename
    Copy Artist folder, Album folder and file names to appropriate tags
    latest v2.1: 2205 downloads | total downloads 6037
  117. Set No Cover
    Set artwork of selected tracks with a "no cover" graphic
    total downloads 6001
  118. Remote iTunes via SSH
    Control iTunes over a network using the SSH protocol
    total downloads 5988
  119. Compare Two Playlists
    Create text file listing tracks common to and exclusive to two playlists
    latest v2.1: 2988 downloads | total downloads 5950
  120. Startup iTunes-Some Playlist
    Load this script in your Login Items to activate an iTunes playlist at startup
    total downloads 5925

  121. Playlist Names to Text File
    Export Playlist names of selected Source to text file
    latest v2.0: 315 downloads | total downloads 5895
  122. Downstream
    Remove streams from main library to selected playlist
    latest v1.2: 5344 downloads | total downloads 5824
  123. Play Random Album
    Creates and plays playlist using tracks from album chosen at random
    latest v3.1: 1185 downloads | total downloads 5821
  124. Search Amazon Book Covers
    Use tag info from selected track to search Amazon Books for cover art
    latest v1.2: 2344 downloads | total downloads 5811
  125. Amazon Lookup
    Search Amazon using criteria from current or selected track
    total downloads 5748
  126. Change Pitch of Song
    Use QuickTime to change the pitch of selected tracks
    latest v2.0: 2663 downloads | total downloads 5739
  127. Track Number to Song Name Prefix
    Append the track number of selected tracks to Song Name
    latest v2.1: 2479 downloads | total downloads 5671
  128. Re-Locate Selected
    Re-locate files of selected tracks to new folder, preserve track meta-data
    latest v1.2: 5244 downloads | total downloads 5658
  129. Track Names With Incremented Number
    Set selected tracks' names using any combination of selection order, current name, track number, episode ID, and episode number
    latest v1.0: 5644 downloads | total downloads 5644
  130. Create Archive of Selected
    Create a .zip archive of the files of selected tracks
    total downloads 5568

  131. This Is The Last Song
    Stop iTunes after current track is finished playing
    latest v2.1: 258 downloads | total downloads 5560
  132. Search CD Universe for Album
    Search CD Universe website using the album of the single selected track
    latest v1.0: 5435 downloads | total downloads 5435
  133. Discogs Search Kit
    Search and get album, track info from
    latest v1.1: 4080 downloads | total downloads 5370
  134. Single Album from Double
    Merges two albums
    total downloads 5338
  135. Track Info Assist
    Unconsolidate Various Artist info
    latest v1.0: 5314 downloads | total downloads 5314
  136. WBC Speakable Items vol.1
    Speakable Items scripts
    total downloads 5281
  137. New iPod Playlist From Selection
    Copy selected tracks or playlist to a new iPod, iPad, or iPhone playlist
    latest v4.0: 245 downloads | total downloads 5258
  138. iTunes Music Store Player
    Play all iTMS tracks automatically
    latest v1.0: 5229 downloads | total downloads 5229
  139. GET Available Podcast Episodes
    Download any or all available subscribed Podcast episodes not yet downloaded
    latest v2.1: 1548 downloads | total downloads 5227
  140. NOT Part of a Compilation
    Change compilation setting of Album tracks whose Artist is the same
    total downloads 5219

  141. Search for Local Artwork Files
    Spotlight search for graphics files containing selected track's album and artist name
    latest v1.0: 5146 downloads | total downloads 5146
  142. iWanna Hear That One
    Type in what you want to hear, iTunes plays it
    latest v1.1: 5113 downloads | total downloads 5113
  143. Albumize
    Renumber playlist tracks to play order
    latest v2.0: 2240 downloads | total downloads 5048
  144. addToLib
    Add files to iTunes from any folder
    latest v1.1: 4866 downloads | total downloads 5025
  145. Artist - Album - Disc from Selected Track
    Create new playlist of track number-ordered tracks based on artist, album, and disc tags of single selected track
    total downloads 4832
  146. CD Label of Selected Playlist
    Create CD Labels with iTunes and AppleWorks
    latest v0.7: 1873 downloads | total downloads 4776
  147. Remove Extension from Song Name
    Remove four-character extensions (eg ".mp3") from selected tracks' Song Names
    total downloads 4700
  148. Remove All iPod Artwork
    Remove all artworks from every iPod track
    total downloads 4648
  149. Track Names to Filenames
    Change filenames to track names
    latest v2.6: 4632 downloads | total downloads 4632
  150. Album Rating Reset
    Set the Album Rating for the album of a selected track to full- and half-stars or computed clear-stars
    latest v1.0: 4629 downloads | total downloads 4629

  151. 'First Item - ' to Tag...
    Parse Song Names and reassign the parts to other tags
    total downloads 4614
  152. New Last Played Date
    Set new Last Played/Last Skipped of selected tracks
    latest v3.1: 1288 downloads | total downloads 4613
  153. Backup iTunes Tracks to DVD
    Organize files for burning to DVD
    latest v1.1: 4590 downloads | total downloads 4590
  154. Backup Selection or Playlist to DVD
    Organize files for burning to DVD
    total downloads 4564
  155. Sam's Speak Scripts
    Speak commands to iTunes
    total downloads 4526
  156. Append iPod Play Count to iTunes Tracks
    Add play count of iPod tracks to their counterparts in iTunes
    latest v1.0: 4522 downloads | total downloads 4522
  157. Artist to Last-First
    Edit artist tag text for sorting purposes
    latest v2.0: 1572 downloads | total downloads 4498
  158. Selected Playlists To iPod
    Copy multiple playlists from iTunes to iPod
    latest v2.2: 1315 downloads | total downloads 4498
  159. Delete Empty Playlists
    Delete empty playlists
    latest v2.0: 3125 downloads | total downloads 4495
  160. Change File Label Color of Selected Tracks
    Change the label color of the files of the selected tracks
    latest v2.0: 1619 downloads | total downloads 4478

  161. Playlist Creator
    Create a new iTunes playlist by dropping a folder of MP3s on to it
    total downloads 4440
  162. Add Text at End of Track Name
    Batch-append text to end of selected track names
    latest v2.0: 2306 downloads | total downloads 4424
  163. Start iTunes...When?
    Set iTunes to play within 24 hour period
    total downloads 4350
  164. Copy From Start to Stop
    Copy the file of the selected track using its Start and Stop times
    latest v2.0: 447 downloads | total downloads 4333
  165. iRate
    Compute a point value based on track's rating, play count, and longevity.
    latest v1.5: 4151 downloads | total downloads 4309
  166. Append Artist to Filename
    Append beginning of selected tracks' filenames with Artist name
    total downloads 4304
  167. Add Selected Tracks to iPod and Backup
    Copy selected tracks to iPod and to a designated backup playlist
    latest v1.1: 3164 downloads | total downloads 4258
  168. Restore Artist 'Last, First...'
    Juxtapose text in Artist tag such that "Ellington, Duke" becomes "Duke Ellington"
    total downloads 4234
  169. Player Position to Start or Stop
    Set current track's start or stop time to current player position
    latest v2.0: 561 downloads | total downloads 4200
  170. Copy Track Info to CD Tracks
    Update CD Track info with corresponding user-edited track info
    latest v1.3: 3003 downloads | total downloads 4196

  171. Most Played Artists
    Create a text file listing most played artists
    latest v2.0: 2005 downloads | total downloads 4190
  172. Time of Selected Tracks
    Display total time of selected tracks
    total downloads 4183
  173. Album-Artist to HTML Table
    Album-Artist pairs to HTML doc
    total downloads 4174
  174. Export Selected Tracks to XML
    Export selected tracks' data to XML file, import later
    latest v1.3: 2065 downloads | total downloads 4161
  175. iTunes In Safari Status
    Displays current track info in Safari status bar
    total downloads 4070
  176. Delete All Lyrics
    Deletes the lyrics of every track in the Music playlist
    latest v1.2: 775 downloads | total downloads 3995
  177. Number Prefix to Track Number
    Copy track number prefixes to track number tags
    latest v1.0: 3976 downloads | total downloads 3976
  178. Export Via QuickTime
    Save files of iTunes tracks using QuickTime Pro audio codecs
    latest v1.2: 2870 downloads | total downloads 3956
  179. Now Where Was I?
    Remember current track when quitting iTunes, pick up playing on next start
    latest v1.0: 3898 downloads | total downloads 3898
  180. Show iPod Song Files
    Show files of selected iPod tracks in the Finder
    total downloads 3891

  181. See Lyrics
    iLyric add-on displays lyrics in Safari
    latest v1.0: 3885 downloads | total downloads 3885
  182. iTunes to AppleWorks DB
    Create AppleWorks Database of iTunes tracks
    latest v1.0: 1990 downloads | total downloads 3840
  183. Add-Subtract A Half Star
    Increase or decrease ratings by a half-star
    total downloads 3826
  184. Enter Description Text for Selected
    Enter text for the selected tracks' Description tag
    latest v1.1: 3765 downloads | total downloads 3821
  185. iTunes Overlay
    Persistent text window displays info about current track over the desktop
    total downloads 3815
  186. Remember These Tags For A Sec'
    Temporarily store a track's tags to paste into another later
    latest v1.4: 2644 downloads | total downloads 3764
  187. Set Book Info in iTunes
    Apply chapter, authorname, and book title info to selected track names
    total downloads 3751
  188. Playlistbot
    Drag-and-drop files to make associated playlists
    total downloads 3749
  189. Enter Long Description Text for Selected
    Enter text for the selected tracks' Long Description tag
    latest v2.0: 1070 downloads | total downloads 3728
  190. iPod Lyrics To Notes
    Create Notes of iPod track lyrics
    total downloads 3727

  191. Append to Comments
    Batch-append text to comments
    total downloads 3703
  192. Total Plays
    Tally the Plays of selected tracks or tracks in selected playlist
    latest v2.0: 437 downloads | total downloads 3660
  193. iTunes Announcer II
    Announces the Artist and Name of the currently playing track and more
    latest v1.0: 3635 downloads | total downloads 3635
  194. Street Spirit Fade Out (Sleep Timer)
    Fades then stops iTunes after length of time
    latest v1.2: 3619 downloads | total downloads 3619
  195. iTunes 2 Remote
    Elementary control of iTunes over a network
    total downloads 3610
  196. One Song From Each Artist In Playlist
    Copies one song from each Artist in a selected Playlist to a new user-named Playlist
    total downloads 3556
  197. Tags to Get Info Comments (and Back)
    Store track's tag and playlist info to its file's Get Info Comment window, retrieve later
    total downloads 3539
  198. Copy Tracks to Multiple Playlists
    Copy selected tracks to multiple playlists
    latest v2.2: 199 downloads | total downloads 3537
  199. Backup Purchased Music
    Periodically backup your iTMS purchases
    latest v1.1: 3390 downloads | total downloads 3530
  200. Scour Web Page for Media
    Download selected media from a web page in Safari
    latest v0.5: 3522 downloads | total downloads 3522

  201. Link Playlist to Folder
    Link a playlist with a folder of files
    latest v1.3: 3470 downloads | total downloads 3470
  202. Search YouTube
    Search YouTube using tag info from selected or playing track
    latest v1.0: 3469 downloads | total downloads 3469
  203. Rugged Good Looks
    Cleans up track text
    total downloads 3458
  204. time and space
    Display total size and time of selected tracks
    total downloads 3417
  205. Four iPod Scripts X
    Five useful scripts for iPod in OS X
    latest v1.0: 3402 downloads | total downloads 3402
  206. Ripped?
    Determine if CD tracks have already been imported
    total downloads 3399
  207. CK's Put Speech on Your iPod
    Use Apple's speech synthesizer to create audio files to put on your iPod
    latest v0.04: 3398 downloads | total downloads 3398
  208. Export to Album Folders
    Export files of selected tracks into Album folders
    latest v1.3: 1054 downloads | total downloads 3385
  209. Color File Labels of Tracks
    Set the label color of selected tracks' files based on their kind
    latest v1.1: 2982 downloads | total downloads 3346
  210. Current Song info
    See current song info and controls in any app
    total downloads 3310

  211. trackReporter
    Writes the currently playing track and artist to a local text file and then uploads that file to an FTP server
    latest v1.2: 2082 downloads | total downloads 3290
  212. Where Is This?
    Displays file path and file name of current track
    latest v1.0: 3287 downloads | total downloads 3287
  213. Rip These To My Mobile
    Copies files of tracks to mounted SD card
    total downloads 3277
  214. Selected Tags to Lyrics
    Copy selected tags as list to Lyrics tag of selected tracks
    latest v1.1: 2669 downloads | total downloads 3274
  215. Guitar Tab Search
    Use track data from playing or selected track to search for guitar tablature
    latest v1.0: 3267 downloads | total downloads 3267
  216. Delete iPod Playlist and Tracks
    Delete a selected playlist from iPod
    total downloads 3264
  217. Clipboard to Lyrics Scripts
    Two scripts copy text from the clipboard to current or to selected track's lyrics
    latest v1.0.1: 3224 downloads | total downloads 3256
  218. Export Files to Folder
    Copy files of selected tracks to playlist-named folder
    latest v1.2: 2723 downloads | total downloads 3252
  219. Pages CD Label
    Create CD/DVD labels with iTunes and Pages
    latest v2.0: 2590 downloads | total downloads 3248
  220. Copy To Lyrics (Service)
    Services menu service copies selected text to the lyrics of the single selected iTunes track
    latest v1.1: 3196 downloads | total downloads 3215

  221. Backup Selection/Playlist to MP3 CD
    Organize files for burning to MP3-CD
    total downloads 3198
  222. Downcoder
    Re-encode MP3s to a new bit rate
    total downloads 3146
  223. Playlist Manager
    Perform various tasks on a selection of playlists; rename, delete, duplicate, merge, more
    latest v1.2: 844 downloads | total downloads 3137
  224. Import Playlist Back Into iTunes
    Assists rebuild of a corrupted iTunes library
    latest v1.0: 3116 downloads | total downloads 3116
  225. Rip This Where I Want It
    Rip CD tracks on the fly, but don't add to iTunes
    latest v1.5: 2264 downloads | total downloads 3102
  226. I Hate That iTunes Done Chime!
    Change the iTunes "done" chime to a System sound, no sound, or your choice of an AIFF sound file
    latest v2.0: 1280 downloads | total downloads 3099
  227. Update iPod
    Sync iPod on-the-fly
    total downloads 3083
  228. Art to iChat
    Continuously update your iChat Buddy Icon with artwork from currently playing track
    latest v1.1: 2708 downloads | total downloads 3074
  229. SaveFave
    Copy current track to a "Favorites" playlist
    latest v1.1: 2519 downloads | total downloads 3056
  230. eMusic Search
    Search eMusic using selected or playing track's tag data
    latest v2.0: 1426 downloads | total downloads 3035

  231. Uncheck Same Tracks in Library
    Unchecks Library tracks based on current playlist
    latest v1.0: 3016 downloads | total downloads 3016
  232. iTunes to AppleWorks SS
    Export your iTunes playlist data to an AppleWorks Spreadsheet
    total downloads 3004
  233. Album Ranking
    Export to HTML a list of your highest rated albums
    latest v1.0: 2975 downloads | total downloads 2975
  234. Add or Subtract Skip Count
    Add or subtract a user-entered number from each selected track's Skip Count
    latest v2.0: 1787 downloads | total downloads 2971
  235. Text List of Music Folder Files
    Create a text file listing the file paths of audio files in the Music folder (or other selected folder)
    total downloads 2961
  236. Current to Clipboard
    Send current song info to clipboard
    latest v1.5: 2619 downloads | total downloads 2940
  237. Delete Tracks Never Played
    Delete and trash tracks from iTunes whose play counts are 0
    total downloads 2925
  238. Pandora Search
    Search the Pandora Music site for the Artist, Album, or Composer of selected or playing track
    latest v2.0: 1226 downloads | total downloads 2912
  239. Rate This Song
    Rate current song from any application
    total downloads 2907
  240. Make BackUp MP3 CD
    Sort tracks into MP3 CD-sized playlists by album
    total downloads 2878

  241. Enter Category Text for Selected
    Enter text for the selected tracks' Category tag
    latest v1.1: 2771 downloads | total downloads 2870
  242. Copy Selected Playlist to iPod
    Copy the selected iTunes playlist to iPod, checking for duplicates
    total downloads 2863
  243. Script Shortcut Maker
    Create shortcut key combinations for scripts in iTunes Script menu
    total downloads 2836
  244. Dan's Remote Scripts
    Control iTunes via remote computer
    total downloads 2835
  245. Artwork=1 BPM
    Set the BPM of selected tracks with artwork to "1" for Smart Playlist detection.
    total downloads 2835
  246. Reset Tracks Start-Stop
    Batch-reset the Start and Stop Time of selected tracks to their entire duration
    latest v2.0: 63 downloads | total downloads 2827
  247. Juke-box
    Remove tracks from a playlist after playing
    latest v1.0: 2817 downloads | total downloads 2817
  248. Wally's Scripts
    Change EQ and volume settings
    total downloads 2811
  249. Assign Half-Star Rating
    Assign selected tracks ratings by half-star increments
    latest v1.0: 2796 downloads | total downloads 2796
  250. Play Folders
    New playlist from folder of files
    latest v1.5: 2788 downloads | total downloads 2788

  251. Not In Any iPod Playlist
    Creates a text file of iPod tracks not assigned to playlists
    latest v1.1: 1932 downloads | total downloads 2784
  252. Set Selected Tracks Shuffle
    Enable or disable the selected tracks' "Skip when shuffling" option in iTunes 5
    latest v1.0: 2749 downloads | total downloads 2749
  253. iTunes2HTML
    Exports selected playlists to a HTML doc
    latest v1.0: 2719 downloads | total downloads 2719
  254. Randomize
    Randomize tracks in playlist
    latest v1.0: 2685 downloads | total downloads 2685
  255. Open Selected in QuickTime, Show AV
    Open the single selected track in in QTP7 and open QT's A/V Control window
    latest v2.0: 1213 downloads | total downloads 2673
  256. Whatever to WAV
    Droplet converts any iTunes compatible audio file to WAV
    total downloads 2668
  257. Replace album playlists
    Create new Playlists from tracks in the Library based on their Album name
    total downloads 2645
  258. Rip A Few My Way
    Import CD tracks using any encoder on the fly
    latest v4.0: 895 downloads | total downloads 2643
  259. Lyrics to TextEdit
    Send the lyrics of the playing or selected track(s) to TextEdit
    total downloads 2643
  260. Delete m3u Files
    Locates .m3u files and allows you to select which to delete
    total downloads 2641

  261. Open iTunes Media Folder
    Open the iTunes Media folder in the Finder
    latest v2.0: 621 downloads | total downloads 2635
  262. Downloads to iTunes
    Move files from Download folder to Music folder
    total downloads 2599
  263. Delete Files
    Deletes the files of the selected tracks.
    latest v0.2.1: 2581 downloads | total downloads 2581
  264. Music Trivia
    Guessing game plays snippet of random song
    total downloads 2573
  265. Daniel's Scripts
    Replace text scripts
    total downloads 2570
  266. Search Amazon MP3
    Search Amazon MP3 website using terms from selected iTunes track
    latest v1.0: 2564 downloads | total downloads 2564
  267. iTunes Announcer
    Speaks the name, artist, and album of each track as it starts playing
    latest v2.0: 1219 downloads | total downloads 2559
  268. Delete 'Continuous' Tracks
    Remove audio stream tracks
    total downloads 2558
  269. DJCheese
    Speech interjects random comments during play
    total downloads 2544
  270. CK's Evenly-Shuffled Playlists
    Create evenly-shuffled playlists from selected playlists
    latest v0.06: 2535 downloads | total downloads 2535

  271. Import CD and Eject
    Import enabled CD tracks and automatically eject CD when finished
    latest v2.0: 819 downloads | total downloads 2527
  272. Current Song to Current Chat
    Send info about the current track to front message window in iChat
    latest v1.7: 2199 downloads | total downloads 2510
  273. Search iTunes Music Store for Current
    Search the iTunes Store with criteria from currently playing track
    latest v2.0: 1845 downloads | total downloads 2473
  274. Shared Music Monitor
    Monitor tracks played by non-iTunes apps and devices and update their play count and last played date accordingly
    latest v1.3.1: 2324 downloads | total downloads 2463
  275. Year of Release Date to Year
    Set year of selected tracks to their release date's year (if available)
    latest v1.0: 2449 downloads | total downloads 2449
  276. Track Name Edit with sed
    Edit track name tags using sed commands
    latest v1.1: 2144 downloads | total downloads 2434
  277. Filename to Comment Tag
    Put filename to comments
    total downloads 2423
  278. Re-Apply Downsized Artwork
    Resample selected tracks' artwork to user-set size limit
    latest v2.2: 1297 downloads | total downloads 2404
  279. iTunes DJ
    Program internet radio streams to play
    latest v3.0: 2401 downloads | total downloads 2401
  280. Google News Artist Search
    Search Google News for stories on selected/playing Artist
    latest v1.2: 2346 downloads | total downloads 2390

  281. Multi-Import
    Rip CD tracks with different encoders in the same session
    latest v2.0: 525 downloads | total downloads 2360
  282. Batch Export Playlists
    Export selected playlists as individual XML or M3U files
    latest v1.3: 649 downloads | total downloads 2359
  283. Number Tracks of Playlist
    Renumber tracks
    latest v1.0: 2349 downloads | total downloads 2349
  284. Show Artwork in Preview
    Open artwork of current song in Preview application
    total downloads 2349
  285. AgentMusic for iTunes
    Next-generation Smart Playlists
    latest v1.0: 2340 downloads | total downloads 2340
  286. Find Truncated Tracks
    Assists with finding truncated iTunes Match tracks
    latest v1.0: 2328 downloads | total downloads 2328
  287. Stop Track!
    Use special track to stop iTunes, cue next track
    latest v2.1: 59 downloads | total downloads 2319
  288. Reset Bookmarks to Start
    Reset selected tracks' bookmark position to their Start Time
    latest v2.0: 955 downloads | total downloads 2309
  289. PDF as iTunes Artwork
    Assists with saving PDFs as artwork to iTunes tracks
    latest v1.0: 2291 downloads | total downloads 2291
  290. Replay Last Bit
    Replay current track from last few seconds
    latest v2.0: 2019 downloads | total downloads 2288

  291. Batch Trim Start or Stop Time (Seconds)
    Change selected tracks' Start Time or Stop Time by user-entered seconds
    latest v2.0: 58 downloads | total downloads 2280
  292. Search Artists to Make Sort Artist
    Assists with setting tracks' Sort Artist Tag
    total downloads 2253
  293. Play Album Next In iTunes DJ
    Add tracks with same Album tag in track order to iTunes DJ
    latest v2.0: 273 downloads | total downloads 2250
  294. Yahoo! Video Search
    Search for and download videos as podcast episodes via Yahoo! Video Search
    latest v1.2: 2121 downloads | total downloads 2195
  295. Show Meta-Data for Track
    Displays the Spotlight meta-data for a selected track in Text Edit
    latest v1.0: 2194 downloads | total downloads 2194
  296. Add-Remove Groups
    Use Grouping tag to create sub-groupings
    total downloads 2187
  297. Artist to Composer
    Copy artist field to composer field
    total downloads 2146
  298. iScroll
    Scrolls info about currently playing track in iChat AV
    total downloads 2145
  299. Rip CDs In A Row
    Rip successive CDs in a multi-drive set-up without interuption
    latest v1.5.2: 1683 downloads | total downloads 2141
  300. Selected Tracks As Mail Attachment
    Attach files of selected tracks to a Mail message
    total downloads 2132

  301. Create Random Playlists
    Pre-Smart Playlist playlist creator
    latest v1.0: 2116 downloads | total downloads 2116
  302. Play Hourly Newscasts
    Four scripts each download and play hourly newscast podcasts
    latest v1.2: 2113 downloads | total downloads 2113
  303. Make Playlists By Tag
    Create a playlist for each entry of a specified tag
    latest v1.3: 412 downloads | total downloads 2090
  304. Export/Import Between Libraries
    Import tracks between libraries created with iTunes Library Manager
    latest v1.6: 1980 downloads | total downloads 2080
  305. Say What Is This?
    Speech speaks name of current track
    total downloads 2068
  306. Duplicate Playlist
    Copy tracks from selected Playlist to a new one
    total downloads 2044
  307. Restore Library 2-Step
    Two scripts work together to assist in re-building playlists
    latest v2.0.3: 2025 downloads | total downloads 2025
  308. iPod Space
    Reports free space in iPod
    total downloads 2017
  309. Import on CD Insert
    Automatically check CDs for tracks not previously imported and then import them
    total downloads 2014
  310. Disable Dated Tracks
    Uncheck tracks of selected playlists whose last played date is before a user-entered date
    total downloads 2006

  311. Convert and Replace
    Convert selected tracks and replace them with converted versions
    latest v1.1: 1638 downloads | total downloads 2004
  312. Access Stream Address
    Get URL track's address and send to browser or clipboard
    latest v1.2: 1109 downloads | total downloads 1993
  313. Search Internet
    Use Safari to batch-search music databases
    latest v2.0.4: 1990 downloads | total downloads 1990
  314. Scan For Double Entries
    Locates pairs of track entries pointing to the same file
    latest v1.0: 1973 downloads | total downloads 1973
  315. CD Manager
    Manage MP3s on CD data disks via iTunes
    latest v0.1: 1967 downloads | total downloads 1967
  316. Embed Disc Number in Track Number
    Applies selected tracks' disc number as hundreds digit in track number
    latest v1.0: 1939 downloads | total downloads 1939
  317. Search for Album's Files
    Search Spotlight-indexed drives for audio files based on Album name
    total downloads 1929
  318. Audition End of Track
    Play last 15 seconds of selected track
    total downloads 1912
  319. iTunes Info to Terminal
    Send info about the current track to Terminal apps
    total downloads 1876
  320. Open Video In QT Player
    Open selected videos in QuickTime Player
    total downloads 1871

  321. Song Title Articles to the Rear
    Transpose initial "The" or "A" to the end of Song Titles
    total downloads 1839
  322. Flip Arrow Link Action
    Inverts the action of clicking and option-clicking iTunes arrow links
    latest v1.1: 1276 downloads | total downloads 1809
  323. Bookmarks Service
    Bookmark locations in tracks and return later
    latest v1.0: 1805 downloads | total downloads 1805
  324. Copy Smart Playlist to iPod
    Copy tracks of selected Smart Playlist to iPod playlist
    total downloads 1802
  325. Composer to Last, Rest-of-Name
    Change multi-named Composer entries to "Last Name, Rest-Of-Name"
    total downloads 1787
  326. Make Add-to-Playlist-Droplet
    Create "Add to Playlist" droplet by selecting a playlist
    latest v1.0: 1784 downloads | total downloads 1784
  327. Drop to Add and Give Info
    Drag and drop files and enter multi-edit tag info before files are added to iTunes
    latest v2.2: 931 downloads | total downloads 1782
  328. Clipboard to iPod Contacts
    Copy clipboard text to iPod Contacts
    latest v1.1: 1576 downloads | total downloads 1775
  329. Export Selected With M3U
    Copy files of selected tracks or playlist to new location with M3U file referencing them
    latest v1.2: 674 downloads | total downloads 1772
  330. Re-Rip Non-iTunes MP3s As AAC
    Re-rip non-iTunes MP3 tracks as AAC when matched against original CD
    latest v1.0: 1744 downloads | total downloads 1744

  331. Track Inserter
    MD users: insert a track between playlist tracks
    total downloads 1737
  332. Four iPod Scripts
    Five useful scripts for iPod in OS 9
    latest v1.0: 1735 downloads | total downloads 1735
  333. Random Tracks by Artist to Playlist
    Create a new Playlist of random tracks by selected Artist
    latest v1.0: 1704 downloads | total downloads 1704
  334. e-z playlist
    Pre-Smart Playlist creates a new playlist based on the album and artist of selected track
    latest v1.0: 1703 downloads | total downloads 1703
  335. Check For Purchases
    Automates the "Check for Purchases" menu command by selecting it, entering your account info, and logging into the iTMS
    latest v1.1: 1573 downloads | total downloads 1692
  336. Track The Ripper
    Batch convert AIFFs to MP3
    total downloads 1685
  337. Search, Shuffle, Play
    Pre-Smart Playlist search for Artist, build playlist
    latest v1.2: 1679 downloads | total downloads 1679
  338. Transfer Bookmark and Play
    Transfer bookmark point between selected iPod track and corresponding library track, or visa versa
    latest v2.0: 1152 downloads | total downloads 1662
  339. Divvy Up For DVDs
    Create DVD-sized playlists from selected tracks or playlist
    latest v2.0: 1102 downloads | total downloads 1661
  340. Import Playlist
    Assist in re-creating Playlists using Export Song List
    latest v1.0: 1642 downloads | total downloads 1642

  341. File Creation Date to Comments
    Put file creation date to each track's comment tag
    latest v1.5: 1471 downloads | total downloads 1641
  342. Mail Signature from iTunes
    Export track info from iTunes to signature
    latest v1.1: 669 downloads | total downloads 1635
  343. Playlist Summary
    Summarize single playlist
    total downloads 1634
  344. Shuffle and Play by Genre
    New playlist based on Genre
    latest v1.0: 1633 downloads | total downloads 1633
  345. Selected Artwork to All In Playlist
    Copy artwork from one track to all in playlist
    latest v1.0: 1627 downloads | total downloads 1627
  346. iTunes was playing...
    Puts the name and artist to clipboard
    total downloads 1601
  347. Make M3U Distribution Folder
    Create folder with m3u playlist and associated media files
    latest v1.7: 479 downloads | total downloads 1588
  348. Make A Bunch Random
    Merge several playlists into a new one and shuffle
    latest v1.2: 1575 downloads | total downloads 1575
  349. Export Playlist to Toast 2
    Export playlist to Toast
    latest v1.0: 1566 downloads | total downloads 1566
  350. TuneSpy
    Logs playing tracks
    total downloads 1565

  351. Pickup Playing In Other Playlist
    Choose another playlist containing the current track and resume playing it from there
    total downloads 1555
  352. Selected Playlist To iPod
    Add the selected playlist and all songs therein to an iPod
    latest v1.0: 1548 downloads | total downloads 1548
  353. Toggle Ping Buttons
    Toggle the Ping buttons to show/hide
    latest v1.1: 1548 downloads | total downloads 1548
  354. Update iPod Shuffle LastPlayed
    Updates the last played date of songs that were played with iPod Shuffle
    total downloads 1506
  355. CK's Equally-Timed iPod Playlists
    Create iPod playlists of equal time length
    latest v0.04: 1473 downloads | total downloads 1473
  356. Show Current Track's Playlists
    Choose box lists all playlists containing current track
    latest v1.0: 1472 downloads | total downloads 1472
  357. Legitimize Song
    Copy info from MP3 to corresponding ITMS AAC track
    latest v1.1: 1382 downloads | total downloads 1465
  358. ConvExp to Album Folders
    Convert selected tracks, export new files to Artist/Album folders
    latest v1.2: 624 downloads | total downloads 1459
  359. Playlist Tracks to ChapterTool XML
    Assists with creating a basic XML file for use with ChapterTool
    latest v1.2: 1383 downloads | total downloads 1439
  360. Random Classical
    Pre-iTunes 3 - keeps Classical tracks in order
    latest v1.2: 1398 downloads | total downloads 1398

  361. Zero-Pad Initial Digits
    Pad single digit track numbers with a "0"
    total downloads 1395
  362. Tags To File Comments
    Send chosen tags to file's comments field
    latest v1.1: 1383 downloads | total downloads 1383
  363. Rescue Playlists from Folder
    Batch-extricate playlists from a selected Folder
    latest v1.1: 1379 downloads | total downloads 1379
  364. Locate Copies of Current Track
    List playlists that contain the currently playing track
    latest v1.0: 1375 downloads | total downloads 1375
  365. Clipboard to Multi-Tracks Lyrics
    Paste text contents of the clipboard to each of the selected tracks' Lyrics tag
    latest v1.0: 1371 downloads | total downloads 1371
  366. Random to the End
    Creates random playlist and plays all tracks
    total downloads 1370
  367. Make 'Track' My String
    Change 'Track' text of imported tracks to something else
    total downloads 1355
  368. Have a Quick Look
    View selected tracks, PDFs in QuickLook windows
    latest v1.0: 1332 downloads | total downloads 1332
  369. Display Sundry File Info
    Display various info about the file of a selected track
    total downloads 1326
  370. Unique To This iPod Playlist
    Create a new iPod playlist of tracks not assigned to other playlists
    total downloads 1322

  371. Random CD
    Assemble a CD-sized playlist of random tracks and initiate burning
    total downloads 1317
  372. Drop to Playlist
    Droplet adds files dragged on it to a preferences-set playlist
    latest v1.1: 1223 downloads | total downloads 1317
  373. NNW Subscription to iPod Contacts
    Copy NetNewsWire Subscriptions to iPod Contacts
    latest v1.6: 875 downloads | total downloads 1313
  374. Random Library
    Shuffle Library tracks to new playlist
    latest v1.0: 1297 downloads | total downloads 1297
  375. Search iTMS For Current Song In Stream
    Search iTunes Music Store for currently playing song in radio stream
    total downloads 1291
  376. Get Airdate and Network
    Get original airdate and network of a selected TV Show
    latest v1.0: 1287 downloads | total downloads 1287
  377. Park iTunes
    Minimize and re-set position of iTunes
    total downloads 1271
  378. Export Playlist to QTSS
    Export playlist and files to QTSS for broadcast
    total downloads 1269
  379. Comments To Comments
    Put comments text into file comments box
    total downloads 1226
  380. All HD/SD to Playlist
    Two scripts create discrete playlists of all HD or all SD videos
    latest v1.0: 1219 downloads | total downloads 1219

  381. Play Next Album
    Skip to first track of the next album
    latest v1.0: 1211 downloads | total downloads 1211
  382. Append to Artists Names
    Append user-entered text to beginning of each selected tracks' artist tag
    latest v1.0: 1199 downloads | total downloads 1199
  383. Trackographer
    Log playing tracks to text file
    latest v3.0: 101 downloads | total downloads 1198
  384. Add from Amazon MP3 Folder
    Add files from the Amazon MP3 downloads folder to iTunes
    latest v1.1: 983 downloads | total downloads 1197
  385. Playlist from Selected Scripts
    Scripts to assist in making new playlists
    total downloads 1196
  386. Yahoo! Audio Search
    Search the Yahoo! Audio Search site using selected or playing track data
    latest v1.0: 1194 downloads | total downloads 1194
  387. Increase Play Count
    Artificially increase a track's play count
    latest v1.2: 1189 downloads | total downloads 1189
  388. Make An EQ Preset Script
    Creates a script that re-creates a selected EQ Preset
    latest v2.0: 501 downloads | total downloads 1184
  389. Composer-ize/Genre-ize
    Use Artist and Genre fields for other text
    latest v1.0: 1176 downloads | total downloads 1176
  390. Histogram
    Output stats on track length/play count
    total downloads 1171

  391. iTunes Store Search Scripts
    Four scripts assist with searching the iTunes Music Store
    total downloads 1164
  392. iTunes2Mail
    Updates a signature with info on currently playing track
    latest v1.0: 1142 downloads | total downloads 1142
  393. Report Real Play Time
    Calculate total playing time considering tracks' start, finish, and crossfade times
    latest v1.0: 1138 downloads | total downloads 1138
  394. Number iTunes Imports
    Puts numbers at the beginnings of the names of music files
    latest v1.1: 1134 downloads | total downloads 1134
  395. Selected Tracks Played or Unplayed
    Set the selected tracks as played or unplayed
    latest v1.0: 1129 downloads | total downloads 1129
  396. Migrate to Script Menu
    Two scripts assist with managing your AppleScripts for iTunes
    total downloads 1126
  397. iTunes View Keeper
    Prevents iTunes from changing the selected source view when iPod is plugged in.
    total downloads 1119
  398. Make Video PDF Booklet
    Create a PDF booklet containing video-oriented info from the selected tracks
    latest v1.0: 1100 downloads | total downloads 1100
  399. iTunes2TextEdit
    Info of current track to TextEdit
    total downloads 1096
  400. Disable Gracenote
    Disable (or re-enable) Gracenote CDDB searches
    total downloads 1093

  401. Rip AAC Old School
    AppleScript wrapper for afconvert rips CD tracks as Constant Bit Rate AACs
    latest v0.9: 1087 downloads | total downloads 1087
  402. Search IMDB
    Use info from a selected track to search IMDB
    latest v1.0: 1075 downloads | total downloads 1075
  403. Playlist Name In Every Comments
    Put playlist name (or other text) in all selected tracks comments
    total downloads 1060
  404. V2G
    Associates Genres with specific iTunes visual plug-ins
    total downloads 1054
  405. Selected Tracks to New Playlist
    Select tracks and create a new playlist from them
    latest v1.0: 1040 downloads | total downloads 1040
  406. Fix HTML Entities
    Convert HTML entities in tags to text equivalents
    total downloads 1038
  407. Two-Bit Critic
    Sets rating based on series of questions
    total downloads 1031
  408. Set Track Count
    Re-set track count
    latest v1.0: 1013 downloads | total downloads 1013
  409. How Long Between Current and Selected
    Display the time when selected track plays after current track
    latest v2.0: 573 downloads | total downloads 999
  410. CD Text to Clipboard
    Copy selected CD's CD Text to the clipboard
    latest v1.0: 976 downloads | total downloads 976

  411. Nudge Stream URL
    Try to maintain the current stream
    total downloads 959
  412. Composer Tag Composer
    Manage composer tags via search-and-replace
    latest v1.0: 932 downloads | total downloads 932
  413. MP3 CD to iTunes Library
    Mount MP3 CDs in iTunes
    total downloads 908
  414. Purchase Date to Comments
    Copy the purchased date--if available--of selected tracks to comment tag
    latest v1.0: 906 downloads | total downloads 906
  415. Play Grouping Next In iTunes DJ
    Add tracks with same Grouping tag in track order to iTunes DJ
    latest v2.0: 130 downloads | total downloads 904
  416. Comments to Description
    Copy Comments tag to Description and/or Long Description tag of selected track(s)
    latest v1.0: 882 downloads | total downloads 882
  417. Skip Back or Ahead
    Advance or rewind the currently playing track an entered number of seconds
    latest v1.0: 878 downloads | total downloads 878
  418. Clear Bookmark of Selected
    Set the bookmark pointer of selected tracks to 0 seconds
    latest v2.0: 144 downloads | total downloads 865
  419. Wake From Sleep and Play
    OS 9 only - wake from sleep and play
    total downloads 848
  420. Current Track Info (text)
    Sub-routine gathers info about current track
    latest v1.0: 847 downloads | total downloads 847

  421. Search Amazon UK MP3
    Search Amazon UK's MP3 website using terms from selected iTunes track
    latest v1.0: 847 downloads | total downloads 847
  422. Long Description to Description
    Copy Long Description tag to Description tag of selected tracks
    latest v1.0: 823 downloads | total downloads 823
  423. Erase Selected Disc
    Erase optical discs from within iTunes
    latest v1.0.1: 812 downloads | total downloads 812
  424. Search Results to Playlist
    Emulates iTunes search and copies results to a playlist
    latest v1.0: 808 downloads | total downloads 808
  425. Multi-Media Items Edit
    Edit basic tags for a selection of mixed-media tracks
    latest v1.0: 782 downloads | total downloads 782
  426. Append Date to Comments
    Enter a date which will be appended to the comments field of selected tracks
    total downloads 764
  427. Append BPM to Song Name
    Append the BPM to the beginning or ending of the Song Name of selected tracks
    latest v1.0: 726 downloads | total downloads 726
  428. Swap Album with Genre
    Switch Genre name with Album name
    total downloads 709
  429. Add from eMusic Downloads Folder
    Add files from the eMusic downloads folder to iTunes
    latest v1.1: 551 downloads | total downloads 708
  430. Dual-Pass Search
    Perform two-pass search for tracks in selected playlist
    latest v1.0: 703 downloads | total downloads 703

  431. Roman Numerals to Upper Case
    Convert Roman numerals in selected tracks' name to upper case
    latest v1.0: 700 downloads | total downloads 700
  432. A Space Between
    Applet plays tracks with a user-set duration of silence between each track
    latest v1.1: 119 downloads | total downloads 695
  433. iTunes by iChat Status
    Stop or play iTunes based on iChat's "Away" or "Available" status
    total downloads 691
  434. Gimme An iTMS Search String!
    Generate an iTMS search URL, send to clipboard or iTMS
    latest v1.1: 529 downloads | total downloads 634
  435. Show Song Name with SEC
    Display track title screen-wide using Salling Clicker - no phone req'd
    total downloads 621
  436. Export Files From Playlists
    Export files of tracks in two or more playlists to single folder
    latest v1.0: 605 downloads | total downloads 605
  437. New Last Skipped Date
    Set Last Skipped date of selected tracks to today or today minus your number of days.
    latest v2.0: 137 downloads | total downloads 604
  438. Mark All Episodes As Played
    Mark each episode in a podcast subscription as Played or Watched
    latest v1.0: 598 downloads | total downloads 598
  439. everyPodcast
    Consolidate podcasts downloaded via iPodder
    total downloads 576
  440. Play In Album Context
    Play selected/playing track from new playlist containing all tracks in order from original track's album
    latest v1.1: 256 downloads | total downloads 569

  441. Tuneimator
    Fires user-designated script after current playlist plays
    total downloads 540
  442. Dequeue
    Remove played tracks from current playlist
    latest v1.0: 527 downloads | total downloads 527
  443. Print Helper
    Store your current iTunes Print settings to apply again later
    total downloads 492
  444. Make JPEG and PNG Playlists
    Create two playlists containing tracks with JPEG and PNG artwork
    latest v1.0: 481 downloads | total downloads 481
  445. Track CPR
    Re-associate batch of dead tracks with files from selected folder
    latest v1.0: 326 downloads | total downloads 326
  446. Eudora iTunes Signature
    Append info to Eudora signature about the track currently playing
    latest v1.0: 311 downloads | total downloads 311
  447. Podcast Analysis with Numbers
    Export track info from Podcasts playlist to Numbers doc
    latest v1.0: 243 downloads | total downloads 243
  448. Albums Assemble
    Gather all tracks of selected tracks' albums to single playlist
    latest v1.0: 195 downloads | total downloads 195
  449. Playlists By Volume
    Sort tracks into playlists by volume location
    latest v1.0: 168 downloads | total downloads 168
  450. Refresh Smart Playlists
    Re-populate selected Smart Playlists
    latest v1.0: 146 downloads | total downloads 146

  451. Random Full Albums to Playlist
    Fill a playlist with user-set number of randomly selected full albums
    latest v1.0: 119 downloads | total downloads 119
  452. Make Mega Playlist
    Make one big playlist from many using original track order
    latest v1.0: 86 downloads | total downloads 86
  453. Delete Device Playlists
    Batch-delete playlists from the selected iPod/iOS device
    latest v1.0: 53 downloads | total downloads 53
  454. URL Track Info
    Edit tags of stream URL tracks
    latest v1.0: 47 downloads | total downloads 47
  455. Unfinished Podcast Episodes
    Collect podcast episodes that haven't played thru to the end
    latest v1.0: 35 downloads | total downloads 35
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