Convert or import tracks with any encoder on the fly

Convert all or just the selected tracks of the selected Playlist using your choice of available iTunes encoders, restoring your Preferences-set encoder afterwards. Works with importing selected CD tracks, too.

Additionally, you can:

  • Choose to delete and/or Trash the original tracks and/or files
  • Copy all converted/imported tracks to a new playlist
  • Optionally save AAC encoded tracks as M4B "bookmarkable" and re-add the converted files to the Audiobooks (Books) library

Action shot:

Quick Convert in action

Convert the selected tracks using the Lossless encoder, for example. Your default encoder is restored afterwards.

Latest version:

  • Fixes issue with sticky nag sheet at launch
  • v3.3:
  • Maintenance update
  • Minor tweaks to assure compatibility with OS X 10.9
  • November 23, 2013


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